The video for this week, Babakieueria made me understand more about how racism and injustice is something we have to deal with even though we do not like it. The video also made me realize how lucky and fortunate we are who are on the opposite side of the injustice.  When I saw the injustice the black Australian had to go through it just made me see how society and culture fail us sometimes.

Chapter 3.

This chapter about Communication competence was very interesting to me. One part that surprised and made me understand Empathy more was the definition and explanation the book stated. “Since our empathetic skills are tied to our cultures, we cannot be empathetic without knowing something about others’ experiences and lives” After reading I started asking myself so I can not feel empathy for someone I met at the airport the same day they lost their brother? Another part that really relates to me was the Observation and Interpretation section. I have been in a situation where I’ve asked for direction and the person just walked away and I followed them and asked again. However, the reason why he walked away the first time was he was walking to a place where we both could see where I needed to go (the direction). He could talk but did not use words when he was directing me.


Chapter 4.

The evaluative concept stood up to me more than any other because it talks about the rating of values. Some may see you as lower in value because you are not doing what their culture thought them to do. Or even you might see yourself lower because you feel like that you are not doing what other people around you are doing.  For example, I have some friend who believes in the Mormon faith. I believe they look at others who do not believe in the church as lower value or not good as them.

First post

My name is Dennett Sackie; I am from Liberia West Africa. I started my schooling in Ghana where I grew up and finished high school at Wasatch academy in Utah. I came to the United States in 2013 after finishing 10th grade back home. After high school I was accepted to Utah Valley University where I started in 2015. When I started college I wanted to become a doctor but that required too much studies and I lost interest it. I found my new love in Communications because I now want to become a sports agent.


Chapter 1. I really enjoyed reading about diversity. It made me understand that I was not as crazy as I thought when I came to the United States, especially at my high school. We had students from 37 different countries around the world. My first friend I had was a Spanish guy from Mexico called Alvaro, but how we became friends was him not liking the room hot, but I did. He did not know how to tell a big black man to turn the AC down. He would go and ask other people to come ask me to turn it down. Get this straight, he spoke and understood English. After a few days he got the guts to talk to me. The point of this story is we had to find a common ground of understanding; it is not about where you are from but how you can find a way to communicate.


Chapter 2. This chapter talked about norms and value in different countries. I will give an example about my friend and roommate Alvaro again. In my country Liberia, when a person is eating on a short table you cannot put your foot on the table. Alvaro did not know that because maybe in his country it is just noting. The table we had in our dorm was very short where when you are sitting on a chair you can stretch you foot to relax on the table. Alvaro and I were eating in different bowls, he had his bowl in his and I had mine on the table. He was sitting and lying back in a chair while I was sitting up right because my bowl was on the table. While eating, he put his foot on the table, I said “ BRO TAKE YOUR FOOT FROM ON THE TABLE” I yelled at him. He freaked out and asked “why bro”? I said it’s disrespectful. Because you use your foot to walk on the dirty ground, if you put your foot on the table I am eating on, it means I am literally eating under your feet. He felt really back and apologize. However, I realize different countries have different norms and values.